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Where to stay Saturday?
Posted by barry on 2017-08-02 03:32:56
Well, reading through fairly recent posts, there seems to be some argument about that, with various adverse comments about the beer at both the Loewenbrau and St Georgen Kellers.  When I was there in May with Andy H, he wasn't to keen on the Loewenbrau Kellerbier at first but came round to it a little later. This was after we had sampled the execrable beer at the St Georgen Keller - the nearest I've come to doing a 'Nick' (that is, dumping my Seidla on the floor!).  Personally, I've always liked the Loewenbrau beer at both Keller and Stube but not everyone has been fully convinced.

Re 'hotels': as I said, only one hotel - yes, plenty of Pensions, Fewo's, etc. but I think only 1 hotel.
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