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Where to stay Saturday?
Posted by barry on 2017-08-02 08:47:24
I think it was (probably) our first trip out together.  First Roppelt's (of course), then we (you, J and me) walked up the hill; I think that we sampled them all and ended up in Disneyworld, where you too a mouthful of something noxious fluid and tipped it on the ground! I was astonished but, when I realised that it was only €2 something a throw, it didn't seem so bad.  

You have also mentioned that you felt like doing same in some of your postings.  I don't even do that the awful Kellerbier in St Georgen - I felt like doing it but couldn't break the habit of a lifetime, so struggled (wo)manfully through it somehow.

Extra bonus point for good story?
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