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Kommunbrauertag in Neuhaus cancelled.
Posted by barry on 2017-07-27 11:31:07
That's interesting.  Not crashing bad news for me, as I never wanted to go (as I think you suspected, Nick!).  But I wonder why and will endeavour to find out.

Perhaps it was getting out of hand, perhaps insurance problems, perhaps....who knows.

But guys, there's all the other places in Eschawo that will provide a much nicer and more tranquil experience.

So, Andy, what will you do?  You can always come to Praha with me!
     Kommunbrauertag in Neuhaus cancelled. by Andrew H on  2017-07-27 13:52:57
       Kommunbrauertag in Neuhaus cancelled. by Barry on  2017-07-28 01:12:29
         Kommunbrauertag in Neuhaus cancelled. by barry on  2017-07-28 04:49:02
           Kommunbrauertag in Neuhaus cancelled. by Andrew H on  2017-07-28 04:58:32
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