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Hallerndorf Breweries and Keller
Posted by barry on 2017-07-26 05:00:34
I can well recommend staying in Forchheim.  J and myself stayed there twice and enjoyed it each time.  The only problem is that the buses tend to finish early (bit like Bamberg) and most of the Fewo's are outside the centre.  It's also not too cheap, not quite as expensive as Bamberg but more than the rural areas. Neder is great (in spite of some reports of sub-standard beer, I've never had a bad one), Greiff is very good, Eichorn is ok to good - Hebendanz, not up my street really, but the beer is ok.

I ouldn't say Kraus Hirschaid is cheap, 2-bed room with breakfast €70/night.  I think that they have a Fewo as well but I couldn't find it on the website.  But the pub and beergarden are nice and the beer is generally good.
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