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Annafest Ruckus
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-24 23:58:21
Whilst looking up the dates (last day Monday 31.07.), I see that there was a bit of a ruckus on Saturday. First, as a male server (at a Keller) tried to make his way through the crowd, which annoyed a drunk 25 YO, who then attempted to strike him, hitting him on the hand, and sending him off to the hospital with a suspected broken hand.

Around midnight, a 28 and a 45 YO got into it a bit, lightly injuring themselves. Also around midnight, a 49 YO dumped the contents of his Maßkrug on a car. A 33 YO took exception to that, and advised him of the error of his ways. The 49 YO went to attack the 33 YO with his Maßkrug, but the latter was able to fend it off with his arms and punch the former, "wounding" his nose.

On his way home, a very drunk 26 YO was harrassed by a group of unknown persons, one of whom punched him in the face, upon which the group fled towards the Altstadt. The victim was brought to hospital with a suspected broken nose. The police would appreciate tips from witnesses.

A 29 YO was told by the police that his dog was not allowed at the fest, news which he did not like hearing. As such, he insulted the officers, who then ordered him to leave the fest, which he then reluctantly did. As they saw him 2 hours later, elsewhere at the fest, they took him into custody, upon which he insulted them again. Thus, he's receiving multiple legal citations. No word on his dog. :(

A 14 YO offered to look after his "acquaintences'" bags & wallets whilst they went on some rides. They noticed that he stole 180€ from them as they went to spend some money. Now he has to answer not only to them...

Someone stole a mobile phone from a 19 YO female fest visitor's handbag and disappeared into the crowd.

And lastly, a drunken 28 YO smashed the glass of a (train or bus?) schedule display board for unknown reasons. Witnesses alerted the police, who have cited him with vandalism.
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