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Posted by barry on 2017-07-25 04:25:35
I think that we were talking about Strassenfests, specially local ones.  Anyway, had to have a moan about something but, having travelled on the train several times during the Erlangen Kirchweih (Kerwa, etc., etc.), I saw enough to put me going to these large events.

Jason, some day, you will be ancient too (I hope!).  And I am pretty liberal really but everyone has there likes and dislikes - me, very crowded places.

Meanwhile, I've bought a bike!  Saw it leaning on the wall of my neighbouring bike shop for sale at £75.  It's a Reebok MTB but without very nobbly tyres; 27 confusing gears, disc brakes, straight bars, and in excellent condition. Gave it a 10 mile run last night, seemed fine, so will do something this afto, as the weather is lovely.  Might not drink too much beer while riding for the time being.
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