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Brauerei Weller, Erlangen.
Posted by MatW on 2017-07-24 02:31:52
Yes I remember that day.You cycled there looking as fresh as a daisy and I walked from the station and looked like c**p when I arrived. Oh what it it to be unfit!!

Fancy meeting up in Nurnberg or Bamberg one day between 30/08 - 04/090. I have all day to kill on Monday 4th (flight at 22:30) and was hoping to hit a few new places that have opened (Ruhetag's allowing). 
I haven't been to Hutt'n yet, or the new mircobrewery in Furth set up in the Landbierparadies.

Also Nick, what do you know about Nachtbrau, the hooby brewery wo sels in a pub in Frauenaurach?

See soon maybe?


           Brauerei Weller, Erlangen. by Nick B. on  2017-07-24 04:07:40
             Brauerei Weller, Erlangen. by MatW on  2017-07-24 07:29:59
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