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Note for Nick B., Gerhard S. and Norbert K.
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2017-07-25 03:25:47
Yes, will meet Jason.
"The beer": Aye, I brewed it myself at my friends small self made home brewery. Everything home made apart from the huge and very strong induction cooking plate and gas cooking plate. And it wasn't a fucking nonsense brew but a nice Märzen. Interested in the recipe?

~~Jürgens Bier- u. Folkfest 2017

Nugget     100 %

Hersbrucker Spät      35 %
Pacifica                      35 %
Huell Melon               30 %

Wiener Malz              65 %
Münchner Malz         25 %
Melanoidinmalz           3 %
Carahell (helles Karamellmalz)      5 %
Sauermalz                   2 %

Alkoholgehalt            ca. 5,4 – 5,8 %
Stammwürze     13,2 %
Bittere      21 IBU

               Note for Nick B., Gerhard S. and Norbert K.  by Nick B. on  2017-07-25 04:20:09
               Note for Nick B., Gerhard S. and Norbert K.  by Nick B. on  2017-07-26 01:45:54
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                                 Märzen Safely Home by  on  2017-07-29 04:52:53
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