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The old and the rich will destroy Bamberg
Posted by jason on 2017-07-18 03:56:15
It seems that the conservative elite are trying to dumb down the city and turn it into some sort of retirement home for the rich.

Aside from the obvious temporary cancellation of Sandkerwa (which had a number of issues relating to it's cancellation), the city has also introduced a ban on people standing and drinking outside Schlenkerla unless they are within designated (though not visible) lines in an attempt to keep the street clear for bikes and cars (taxis and the odd lost tourist normally). I cycle and often have to dismount to get through the crowds but I just take that as part of moving through a vibrant part of town that offers a great atmosphere - if you don't like it avoid it. Cycle a different route. They should introduce a pedestrianised zone through the Old Town anyway (except for residents and deliveries).

I also read that a resident living near the Canalissimo site has lodged a complaint with the court in Bayreuth to cancel the event. At present this was rejected (and the details I do not have to hand) but there are definitely some nervous organisers at the moment as it starts on Thursday. The power of 1 person to influence the enjoyment of others is quite staggering.

I really do fear that those in positions of influence and a number of very arrogant and bitter members of the public will destroy the atmosphere and coming together that these events / features bring to the city. I'm sure a long term resident like Gerhard could give deeper insights.

I was at the Pettstadt Strassenfest at the weekend which took place in the main street and went on all night (I mean ALL night). Residents would have been seriously affected but whether they complain or whether the council can/does just ignore them I don't know - actually I'm pretty sure they were partying alongside everyone else.

Rant over.    
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