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OT: Visit to Czechia
Posted by barry on 2017-07-17 14:23:18
Ok, so have possibly amended my plans a little bit. Latest date in Eschawo is Sept 29 because my Fewo is booked for the week after (crazy folks going to Kommunbrauereitag!).  Andy is going to be in Czechia Sept 26 to Oct 1 - 4 days in Budovice, 1 in Plzen. I'm thinking of going to Eschawo, then on to Budovice for the 4 days, maybe 1 day in Plzen, then a few days in Praha. 

Help required from FFers: is it worth going to Plzen for 1 night or should I go direct to Praha. Any recommendations for accommodation in Praha: preferably Fewo; alternatively, reasonably priced hotel. What is the minimum time for a visit to Praha - could I see enough for a starter visit in 3 days?  If I like it, I can always go again, just dipping toe in water!
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