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OT: Visit to Czechia & Bamberg
Posted by Euromannn on 2017-07-20 12:42:49
Bamberg went fabulous.   Stayed in Bamberg for 5 nights Sunday-Thursday.
Went to majority of the top  breweries in Bamberg like Schlenkerla, Fassla, Spezial, Keesman, Mahrs, Ambräusianum, Café Abseits, Greifenklau.
Merkendorg – Wanger, Hummel and Goller.  Really like Hummel.
Forscheim – Braueri Neder and brewery one next to it.  Quiet places not too exciting but at least I saw the nice little town.
Did try your recommendation Gutman beer in Bamberg.   It will shock you but I still like my Munich weisse beers just as well as a bottle of Gutman.  I will try to find Gutman on draft on my next trip
Went to Café Abseits at 9am in the morning one day for a beer.
Guess who strolls in half-awake and sits adown at the bar to join me in a brief conversation?  Gerhard.

Gerhard and Café Abseits were some of  the highlights of the trip  especially meeting up with someone like Gerhard who has so much history to share and passion for the region he lives in. 
While I drank Gutman beer like you suggested Gerhard babysat his coffee at 9am!
Also bumped in Jason at Fassla which was also a nice meeting.  Enjoyed the rauchbier a bit more at Fassla versus Schlenkerla.  Thought I tried majority of the beers at all of the top places in Bamberg.
Fassla rauch beer was little milder and smoother tasting than Schlenkerla rauch beer but both were very good quality.
Went to many  Bamberg breweries  each day several times.…..then jumped out to Merkendorf twice to visiit Hummel, Wagner and Goller.   Hummel is the best by far in Merkendorf.
Went to Prague Beer Festival in May where I  met Fred and Mark. Had  a wonderful time going out one night with Mosquit in Prague. So that’s four of the Franconian posters I was able to meet on my trip for a few seidlas!
So all the tips everyone provided I made a long, long list and also got meet a few of the Franconia guide poster elites so enjoyed it very much.
Took the Bavarian all day pass(26 euros)  and went Bamberg to Muncih---dumped off my clothes at hotel in Munich , hopped back on to Berchesgarden to see Hitlker's Eagle's Nest(been 20 years )...then over to Slazberg for a few pinst then ride back to Muncih all in one day rail pass!

I will be back in Europe on September 19 starting in Munich then moving north or east (hard to explain).... and maybe hit Bamberg again for a day.  Maybe we can meet soemtime as you seem well verse in the area and on local beers?  I’m heading for the Ukraine then end in Prague in mid October. Where I go in between has always been the mystery tour of every trip I make.
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