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OT: Gerhard vs Gerhad
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-07-21 04:52:39
Gerhad is a typing error; and this name doesn't exist.

Gerhard has the following meaning;
"Ger" is an old weapon, typical for the "Gernans", the men who has lived in Germany.
A ger is a weapon, a mix or a spear and a lance. You can fight man agaist man or You can throw (Close and short remote distance):
"hard" means strong, big.

This name was popular between the first and second world war and is now very rare. In our family the first son get this name.
Variations in english are:

Garrett und Garret, Jerrard, Gerrard, Gerard, Jerry

The name Germans is an innovation of roman authors, describing the wars between the Roman Empire and the wild civilisation in the nord of europe. The Germans thenselves have called this kind of weapon "Frame". You can see an image here:
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