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Keller update
Posted by Mosquit on 2017-07-17 03:08:01
I have been in Fischer's pub last time in November 2016, did they changed something since that time? By the way, beer quality was the worst of the trip. We tried 2 different beers (I think some Helles/Pils and Rauch) and both of them were total disaster. I remember it few years ago when it was a good and drinkable, not sure what happened since then. 

Zentbechhofen I am visiting about 2-times a year, beer has usually metallic taste, but in general it is OK

       Keller update by Nick B. on  2017-07-17 03:22:13
         Keller update by J├╝rgen Wening on  2017-07-17 03:35:57
           Keller update by Jason on  2017-07-17 04:44:28
             Keller update by Nick B. on  2017-07-17 07:29:54
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