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Keller update
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-17 07:29:54
You mean Fischer, presumably, as the Friedel (Zent-Bechhofen) looks to be a pretty big operation. Friedel (any relation to Friedel in Schnaid, anyone?) is a funny place. I led the Nebraskans there years ago, and there was some cowboy/Bonanza decor inside. I used to buy their Märzen when I was really new here, but the other beers...a bit 'meh'.

Where Friedel sell all the beer they brew is a mystery to me. Maybe it just looks bigger than it is.

Our first encounter with it was 1 May 2005, on a bike tour. There was a fest on for the holiday, and a Festbier, which was just a nice, unfiltered Hell. That day was also our introduction to Roppelt's Keller, FWIW.

That was back when we used to do bike tours around here...ah, memories.
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