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Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld
Posted by Jürgen Wening on 2017-07-14 01:44:00
I just saw that Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld is marked as closed in the brewery list of this page. I think that has to be a mistake. Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld-Elsendorf stopped brewing a few years ago, which was a great loss. But I don't know anything about Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld being closed. Been to their fantastic Keller twice last year.
   Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by FredW on  2017-07-14 02:44:10
     Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Jürgen Wening on  2017-07-14 03:22:50
       Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Mark Andersen on  2017-07-15 04:24:28
         Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Mark Andersen on  2017-07-15 04:24:58
           Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Jason  on  2017-07-17 01:36:22
             Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Gavin on  2017-07-17 01:45:40
               Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Jürgen Wening on  2017-07-17 02:56:57
                 Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Gavin on  2017-07-17 03:44:27
                   Sternbräu Schlüsselfeld by Jürgen Wening on  2017-07-17 03:54:27
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