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Most underrated Franconian breweries?
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-16 03:26:46
That is Jürgen's MO. In the last couple of years, I've softened a bit on my previously extreme hard line against drinking any beer at all combined with car driving (for myself) and treat myself to an occasional drive to a remote-ish destination for a Seidla or even two. I may even make it to the mythical Spielbach someday, but that looks to be a 3-hour drive for me. And I'm just not that big on driving these days.

I've not even looked at the map to locate half of the places Jürgen listed above, as I simply presumed they are very remote from the Nürnberg-Bamberg-Coburg-Kulmbach-etc rail lines. And I didn't recognise the names either. But now I'll give it a try using googlemaps' bike routing, which I think is pretty decent.

Neudrossenfeld looks to be 12 km from Kulmbach, 11 from Bayreuth.
Gnodstadt is 6 km from Ochsenfurt.
Trebgast is on the Regional Express line from Lichtenfels.
Gaildorf is 50+ km west of Dinkelsbühl, 3-1/2 hours by train from Bamberg, 2 from Nürnberg.
Heilgersdorf is 12 km from Ebern, then 4 km further to Seßlach. I've done it, it's v nice.
Waltershausen is 18 km from Bad Neustadt a.d. Saale.
Pferdesfeld is much-discussed and visited.
Schmetzer in Michelbach a.d. Lücke is 8 km from Schnelldorf (54 min RE from Nürnberg).
Ballenberg is 12 km from Rosenberg, deep in Baden-Württemberg like Gaildorf.
Schlüsselfeld & Hintergreuth get bantered about quite a bit.
Hütten poses a challenge, 20 - 27 km from Bindlach.
Gutenstetten is a 16 minute bus trip (hourly weekdays) from Neustadt a.d. Aisch.
Rüdenhausen is 11 km from Iphofen (25 min by bus), which in turn is 39 min by train from Fürth.

So that's how you might do those by bike. I didn't try hard to find bus routes.

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