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Most underrated Franconian breweries?
Posted by barry on 2017-07-15 06:17:47
Of Juergen's list, thanks to having good friends and a bit of trekking, I've been to:

Kommunbrauhaus Se├člach (mit Juergen and Mark), Brauerei Leicht, Pferdsfeld (first mit Juergen - thence, numerous times when in Ebensfeld), Brauerei Scharpf, Heilgersdorf (mit Juergen and Mark), Brauerei Schmetzer, Michelbach (only looked 
at outside but had beers in lovely caf), Brauerei Spall, Ballenberg (mit Juergen).  Would love to go to more maybe next time!.

The chance of a communal visit was one of the reasons for my interest in co-ordinating FF'ers visits (and of seeing your lovely faces, as well!) and we have improved co-rodinated visits greatly over the last few years.  Yes, many are difficult to get to but, there are some really lovely walks and, as Nick commented, the bicycle is great for getting around.  I'm getting more confident on the beast now, after my mishaps in Ebensfeld, and intend to buy one - perhaps next week!

       Most underrated Franconian breweries? by Nick B. on  2017-07-16 03:29:08
         Most underrated Franconian breweries? by barry on  2017-07-16 05:01:44
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