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Most underrated Franconian breweries?
Posted by Ludger on 2017-08-04 04:34:45
Most places are far away from Bamberg, some from the list are though not underrated, they are simply unknown.
My all-time favourite is Düll in Gnodstadt (beer and atmophere).
Bräuwerck, Haberstumpf, and Leicht might be a little underrated in terms of beer and pub. Stöckel, Lang and Windsheimer I do not consider underrated when it comes to beer, but I never been to the pub.  Seßlach and Heilgersdorf are on my list for the next month.

Five more to complete the list
Best new-comer is Hopfenhäusla in Münchberg, excellent beer quality.
Last year I was very impressed at Seelmann in Zettmannsdorf (a pre-arranged tour).
Some others I consider underrated are Bayer in Theinheim (beer and pub)), Krug in Geisfeld (the pub), and Hartleb in Maroldsweisach (the beer).

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