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VGN Mobiticket
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-09 04:37:32
Do you enter the zone data at the machine? Years ago, you couldn't. The requirement for the zone card specifiying which zones the mobicard was valid for was due to that. I emailed them asking why they couldn't reprogramme the machines to allow you to enter zone data, thus eliminating the need for a seperate zone ticket...the answer was more or less, "because."

Anyway, at the airport on Tuesday, friends of mine bought two TagesticketPluses at the machine. There, they were prompted to enter their name, so that it would be printed on the ticket, instead of having to write the name in. So they've added that feature, at least. (I'd like to think they were inspired to do so by my query those years ago.)

It did not occur to me to check to see if the mobicard zone info is also enterable.

Anyway, those two machines at NUE appear to be of the most up-to-date sort, so if a mobicard *CAN* be bought at one, it would presumably be there. Good luck, Gunnar.

When exactly do you land?
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               VGN Mobiticket by AndyH on  2017-07-14 04:57:51
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