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VGN Mobiticket
Posted by Jason on 2017-07-11 02:04:59
Hmmm, I am 99% sure you can change the station of departure on DB ticket machines. In fact make that 100%, because my VGN rail pass covers me from Bamberg to at least the next station - I often want to buy a ticket from a station other than Bamberg without getting off e.g. Hartmannshof - Windisch.

Barry, a note on mixing German with English - as you know, adjective endings change in German depending on the noun gender and the case. So mixing (and wanting, understandably, to be correct, is a little confusing). Anyway, to put it simply, you are right "Bayerische Leute" (die Leute). But you could also say "Bayerisches Volk" (das Volk), hence why mixng can be confusing. If you were using dativ case e.g. WITH the Bavarian people, it would be "mit den Bayerischen Leute" OR "mit dem Bayerischen Volk" so again the context is important.

                         VGN Mobiticket by Nick B. on  2017-07-11 02:47:59
                           VGN Mobiticket by Jason on  2017-07-11 02:56:52
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