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Genitive in German and English
Posted by Jason on 2017-07-11 02:23:14
To be honest those that are not born here often don't speak very good German (this isn't a scientific study just my experience). Especially in the bigger cities they live en masse so they don't 'need' to speak German. Those that do tend to avoid using grammar - they know the noun and will speak in monosyllables. This is why learning the language is so important because it is the root cause for disintegration and even racial tension. It's not just about communication, it's about saying to the country you have moved to that you want to understand them. That through learning their language you are getting closer to how they think and live; it's a hand of friendship.   

This annoys me in particular with British 'ex pats' (a term I abhor for it's arrogance) all over the globe that are ignorent as to the people and langauge of countries they live in. I get it at adidas - they can't even be bothered to use simple terms like please and thank you (with native speakers). No one expects perfection but just the simple act of engaging speaks volumes because it shows that you respect that person and their culture.

This is why I feel lucky to have so  many native friends here and why I shy away from English speakers; I have learned so many Franconian terms and idiosyncracies that really open doors for you because people are genuinely impressed and warm to you. Learning Hoch Deutsch will help you communicate but learning the local dialect will win you friends. I've even been told by non-Bamberg natives that I have an Franconian accent now. A long way to go but it's a fascinating journey.     
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