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Genitive in German and English
Posted by Jason on 2017-07-11 03:15:47
Totally agree, learning a language is very very tough, but when moving to a country where a foreign language is spoken this should be considered as a prerequisite, not just an inconvenience to be 'muddled through'.

Being young (ish) and single helps, but you also need a mindset to put yourself out there in situations where you are exposed; where you will make mistakes and sometimes feel stupid. Where you will struggle to be yourself, make jokes and, dare I say, flirt; things we take for granted in our native tongue. It's not just our learning ability that deteriorates as we get older, it's also our openness to risk taking, fear of making mistakes and feelings of inadequacy that make learning a new language harder. It goes against our natural developmemt into adults. You want to contribute to the discussion about the German election or express your deeply held Brexit opinions as an educated, experienced and mature adult, not as a child (which is how you feel as a language learner).  

Children of course don't fear as much, they are not so self conscious and they care less. Also it doesn't help having 50,000 words (rough guess) of English in your adult head which you want to constantly use but have to make do with the 1,500 or so of German you may have.

As for Waitrose, well it  doesn't surprise me.    
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