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Ot: end of old English family breweries
Posted by barry on 2017-07-04 05:04:30
You lost me with the peas reference, John!

Price sensitivity among real ale drinkers is probably down to the fact that many are pensioners and, in spite of what the media kept trying to push down our throats during the recent election, Brexit, etc., many are not very well off.  OTOH, the young often have quite a lot of disposal income.  Don't think that I support the division between young and old because I don't (I like to think that I'm about 18 until my legs go wobbly!) - it's aimed at dividing people.

Back to the point: I've noticed that the younger set in the Bay Hop tend to drink the odder (IMHO) brews, cans, cider, strange bottles, etc., while the older clientele tend to stick to the more traidtional ales and moan like hell when they taste of odd things (actually, it's mainly me who does the complaining).
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