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Ot: end of old English family breweries
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-05 02:09:14
Back to ABInBev buying up breweries. If they continue at their current rate in the US (what, maybe 2 a year?), it will take 2500 years for them to buy everyone up. Of much greater concern is their impact on distribution, where they have great influence in most places, taking over shelf space in shops and taps in bars.

I'm not sure the vast bulk of small Franconian breweries would be attractive to the giants. They simply don't have much of a name.  Not much for AB to hope to take advantage of.

Someplace like Mahr's, with an international cult following (deserved or not, whether Stephan is Satan incarnate or not)...that could be possible. Or the larger ones like Kulmbacher or Tucher...but they're already part of some empire or other, right?

Also, the end price of Franconian beer is so low, compared to the likes of what AB like to buy up...I just have a hard time imagining the attraction for the giants.
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