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Boeheim Expanding into Fürth
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-07-02 03:39:47
Saw an article in the paper about new plans of the three young guys who took over Boeheim (Pegnitz) a few(?) years ago. They kept the failing brewery (from 1923) operating, including continuing to brew the Hell, but then added a Spezial, a Pils, and ...wait for it... an IPA. These are all available at the Boeheim Bar they opened in Nürnberg, and presumably also their even newer nearby Boeheim Bierhalle.

I've been to the Bar once, and it is everything one could want in a modern "craft" beer place, though I think they "only" have about a half dozen taps or so. Stainless steel, pale wood, young people. But as I said, the Hell was excellent.

Anyway, their future plans are to take on the historic Sudhaus (kettle house) of the long-gone Humbser Brauerei right near Fürth Hauptbahnhof. They plan to have 15 taps: 4 of their own, 6 dedicated to regional breweries, and 5 rotating from wherever. They plan to raise one copper kettle and install a bar underneath it, and cut the other one open to provide for seating.

The recent article is here, and further googling led to an older one about how a real estate firm bought the place in 2014, intending to find someone to run it as a restaurant or summat. Then of course some restoration work was done. Looks spectacular, TBH, and if it really comes to fruition come March, it might be quite an attraction to Fürth.

The Schanzenbräu tavern in Nürnberg was an old Humbser tavern, for those keeping score at home. I also have some historic B&W video footage of Humbser that I shall attempt to dig up. Note also that Humbser Export & Pils are brewed by Tucher, available in bottles. I shall also attempt to find and try them.

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