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Griess Keller
Posted by barry on 2017-06-26 03:14:15
I don't know about the legalities but I always thought that one of the principles of the keller was that you could bring your own food - certainly happens at Roppelt's and other places.  Most/many people buy food at the Kellers because it is such good value but not everyone.  I know that there are signs about bringing your own food to Griesskeller but we got there long before they opened and we were just finishing off.the last bit.  

Ok, perhaps, technically, we were trespassing, in fact, we were waiting for them to open and their attitude was such that I wouldn't go again.  I wonder why they should have such trouble - never seen anything like that at any other Keller.  They are generally just deserted when they are not open.  Geisfeld hardly seems like a place of riot and debauchery!
         Griess Keller by AndyH on  2017-06-26 06:58:19
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             Griess Keller by Nick B. on  2017-06-28 02:09:05
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