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Another New One Opens
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-06-16 02:00:20
Saw a bit in the paper recently (well, a month ago) about the start of the Biergartensaison at a place in Nürnberg I'd not heard of: Z-Bau. And how there is now "Craft-Bier" there, from Honig-Bräu. I thought they meant Hönig from Tiefernellern, which is, of course, a traditional "craft" brewery, just like umpteen other little old microbreweries around here.

But no, it turns out Honig-Bräu is something else: A guy named Honig brews 200-litre batches in the Z-Bau building, apparently an American-hopped pale ale and an obergäriges Rauchbier. The latter is sold exclusively at a restaurant in Fürth, the former is on tap at the Z-Bau Biergarten.

The Z-Bau is a former military barracks -cum- community cultural centre, near as I can tell.
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