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Ot czech monastic brewing
Posted by Barry on 2017-06-11 02:34:09
Interesting comment about Vierzehnheiligen.  I often wondered about its origins; being situated in a fairly isolated postion, next to a monstery and a location for pilgrims, it seemed a deadringer for a monastic brewery.  The Brauerei Trunk website is not too informative saying only that the brewery was founded in1803 (which seems late for a medieval pilgrim church) but corresponds to a period when Bavaria became secularised and the basilka really fell into disuse.  It is unclear to me (but I haven't really researched it in depth) whether the original Langheim convent remained but there doesn't seem much purpose for a brewery if there was no 'kloster', as no one else really lives up there.

The Trunk family took over in 1989 from a Martin family and it seems that the brewery has been in secular hands for decades.  Another example of the fascination of German medieval/late medieval history.  Appropriate subject for Sunday discussion?
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