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OT: RateBeer and AB ImBev
Posted by Jason on 2017-06-07 00:05:55
Ratebeer is useful. It's helped guide me round the world in terms of places to drink and also approximately if a beer is worth buying or not.

As with all of these objective things one has to throw in a large degree of leeway and not be dictated by the ratings. I use them as a guide, and one can quickly determine if the ratings are realistic or not. If a beer scored highly, I would buy it, if it scored low, I probably wouldn't. I also have my own knowledge to guide me. Anything in between is subject to all sorts of flutuations and I don't pay much attention to it.

The problem is that people want a subjective resource for an objective subject and that just doesn't work. I don't agree that a beer can taste 'good' to one person and 'bad' to another - a bad beer is a bad beer and whether you like the style or not you should be able to understand if it's brewed well or not. A lot of people think they have a good palette but most of the time they have limits, often they're clueless.

The only thing that matters is if I like a beer. Ratebeer has guided me in the right direction and helped me find good beer. For that, I am grateful for it. End of story.

ps. I'm really getting bored with the arrogance of these raters/collectors/tickers/geeks or whatever you want to call them who think that they 'own' someone else's right to make some money. It's like the typical football fan feels they 'own' part of a team - unless you're a shareholder this isn't how it works. Someone has worked hard to make a successful brewery, it's not a glamorous or easy life, if they can cash in on their hard work so InBev and others can pretend they are making an impact in the craft sector then fair play - we'd all do it, for our children or just for us. As Barry said.

It's a predominently capitalist society - we can't dip in and out when we want to.
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