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Aisch, Sambach & Hirschaid
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-06-04 05:33:17
Met up with Barry yesterday at Hirschaid Bahnhof, managed to drive to Rittmayer in Aisch in time to enjoy a lovely beer there before they shut for the afternoon at 14.30.

From there, on to Hennemann in Sambach, where a Sommer-Gold was "like an unfiltered Pils" according to Herr Hennemann, and quite nice. Barry's Lager seemed quite malty, as it should be.

Weather started looking stormy, so the idea of parking the car at Roppelt's and taking the bus back to the train was shelved in favour of parking it at Kraus, with its close proimity to the train. I was fairly happy with the Lager ("Bier" on the menu), Barry somewhat less so. The Pils was *clean*, but...meh. The Hirsch-Trunk was impressive as usual, a slightly buttery base under a heavier-than-Spezial Rauch note.

Now, back to Hirschaid to get the car.
   Aisch, Sambach & Hirschaid by Barry on  2017-06-04 09:20:53
     Aisch, Sambach & Hirschaid by Nick B. on  2017-06-05 00:52:39
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