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Erlangen & Bergkirchweih
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-06-02 00:26:12
Completely different histories, which I'm sure you've learnt some of. Bamberg was settled and grew important over a thousand years ago, whereas the city where I live was a settlement on the river then, but only grew in importance when the protestant count (?) from the Bayreuth & Brandenburg (?) houses invited exiled Hugenots from France to settle here, knowing how industrious they were. And thus the predominance of 17th & 18th century architecture.

Somehow, Erlangen survived when  a troop of soldiers from Catholic Forchheim marched down and burned the town down during the 30 Year's War.

Nicest thing about Erlangen is the lack of tourists! And everything works well. And it's clean. Lack of really drinkable beer everywhere saves the liver & budget. (What else?) It's a nice place for us to live, because it's very normal. Steadily increasing real estate prices...that's it.

I used to say there was nothing at all for people to see here, unless one was specifically interested in Hugenots or seeing where the mp3 format was developed. Now, I will say that Kitzmann's Bräuschänke, located on the city wall from the 18th century, is worth a stop. The walk from the station can take you past some nice, modest, protestant architecture, just as a contrast to mini-Prague's grandiosity.

Big news of this year's "Berch": Festbier prices remain unchanged from last year. Only 9€! (!) And increased security supposedly means every single rucksack and handbag is being inspected at the entrances. Which must be more controlled or something, because in the past, you could just walk in from anywhere. I'll see what I find later today. I'll leave backpack and doggie home.

Or I'll head to Stiebie.
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