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Erlangen & Bergkirchweih...meh.
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-06-02 08:04:05
Seidla of way-too-gassy Weiherer Kellerbier for 4€ definitely a better deal than the other Festbier(s) going for 9€ / Mass. But it was sweet, should've had their Lager. I may go back next week to see how it is, as well as how unclean the lines are at the place serving Alt of Dietzhof.

Or not.

Girl dumped sauce all over my Ochsenfleisch, nearly ruining it, poor Joachim Nr. 2.

Still, a lovely day for it.

Me on the webcam!
                                             Erlangen & Bergkirchweih...meh. by TreinJan on  2017-06-02 10:17:52
                                               Erlangen & Bergkirchweih...meh. by Nick B. on  2017-06-02 10:51:37
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                                                   Erlangen & Bergkirchweih...meh. by Nick B. on  2017-06-03 02:29:22
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