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Bergkirchweih Tragedy
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-06-04 04:16:38
A horrible tragedy occured on the first day of the Berch, Thursday. There's a new tradition called "Kastenlauf", which basically means carrying a case of beer along your way to the fest, ensuring you get cheaply drunk before you arrive. It's young people that do it, teenagers and young adults. There are a couple of fields around town where they gather in the hundreds to do this. One down on the river towards the neighbouring town of Büchenbach had an estimated 2000 people on Thursday.

One 28 YO from Nürnberg got so drunk that halfway to the Berch, he stole a delivery van that was being unloaded, and drove along the bike path to the neighbouring town of Möhrendorf, where he then ran over two bicyclists, killing one. A third was uninjured, the second is in hospital. (Those three cyclists were on their way to the Hemhofer Bierkeller.)

The 28 YO had a BAC level of 1.9 (0.19 US reckoning), wher the legal limit is 0.5 (0.05). He's being charged with manslaughter and auto theft, but is out on bail.
                                   Bergkirchweih Tragedy by Jason on  2017-06-04 05:52:33
                                     Bergkirchweih Tragedy by Nick B. on  2017-06-04 06:27:43
                                       Bergkirchweih Tragedy by Nick B. on  2017-06-14 03:27:22
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