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Zurück in Franken...861 km Drive
Posted by Barry on 2017-05-29 12:28:16
I seem to remember that you had found a couple (?) of half decent places to drink? The Altstadt is out - Hutt'n an inflated shadow of the place it was when it was located on the street leading up to the Schloss. As for the Altstadt Brewery (or whatever it's called), just a tourist rip off.

I had to reread Stange's article (took a bit of finding) and it makes a lot of sense to me now. Three Seidlas at around 5% probably has the same effect as 4 to 5 cask beers at 4%, my normal consumption,  and even more than the 3,5 to 4% that I often drink now. Had 3 Seidlas of Kraus in Hirschaada Keller this afternoon, just about right.
           Zurück in Franken...861 km Drive by Nick B. on  2017-05-30 05:20:37
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