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On the road again!
Posted by Barry on 2017-05-28 02:07:07
Nice bike ride to nearby Praechting, about 8 Kms round trip, on Thursday. Beer from Hummel at the beer garden at the Landgasthof. Kellerbier tasted more or less as I recall from Merkendorf but hard to be accurate as it is nearly a year since last tasted. Walked to the local Engelhardt Keller, pretty standard Franken Kellerbier, which is not sold at the Schwann in town.

Friday was quite a poignant day, revisiting many of the places where J and I had been together. Walked from Hallstadt bahnhof to Kemmern and sat outside, drinking the Kellerbier. It's a bit different from many other Franken Kellerbiers, somehow a bit more refined and malty, without that bitterish tang that many have but really pleasent. Then walked back the long way (didn't fancy going over the Kreuzberg, as it was pretty hot) to Diller Keller. Not much different except that, sadly, the cask dispense has been replaced by a tap and I could see iit was fed from a keg. Still, the Hoenig Keller beer was good. Then jumped on to the 904 bus and got off in the Stadtmitte.

I hadn't too much titime before the train but took a quick peek at the Goldene Loewen and, what do you know, the front door was open! There was no one inside but I could hear Frau Diller talking in the kitchen. I shouted 'hello' and she appeared, phone in hand. I don't think that she recognised me from previous visits but I ordered a beer and she opened a bottle of Hoenig pils. We talked for a while and she told me that her customers usually went to the Keller in hot weather. Also that her cousin had been a POW in England and worked on a farm where they treated him very well.

I didn't have much time, sso quickly finished my beer and said goodbye. It was a short but most pleasurable visit and brought back many  memories of drinking there with Don and Cherie and Jacqueline. Happy days!
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