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Really catch up!
Posted by Barry on 2017-05-19 00:54:25
Sorry, pressed wrong button! Thought I'd do a short catch up on my time in lovely Franken.

After the frantic Saturday in Franken Schweiz, had a much needed day off - been suffering from some sort of virus, which tends to leave me a bit tired, mind you, the beer is not always helpful.

Spent much of this week with Andy Harvey, super drinking company and so knowledgable on brewing.  Revisited Ebing (good as ever, right near the top of my favourites),  and Nedensdorf, where Andy was the human sacrifice to try the obergaerig Dinkel beer, which neither of us liked. However,  the Dunkel Landbeer was excellent. Lovely but hard day on Tuesday; took the bus to Vierzehn...etc., where the beer was very nice but the service terrible, as has been my previous experience. Then we took the long road to Uetzing and Metzgerbrauerei Reichtel. Most interesting place, though I found the beer a little bit fizzy. I've drunk a lot of fairly lowly carbonated Dunkel recently and really enjoyed it, so the more highly carbonated Helles (?) was a bit of a surprise.

Most interestingly, Andy talked me through the beautiful little brewery - probably learned more about breweries in that 20 minutes than in my whole life before! Andy also talks a lot of sense about co2 and beer - we're never to old to learn!

Wednesday saw us in the Kellers of Buttenheim. Andy got to Lowenbraue before me and was actually leaving for St Georgen but I persuaded him to stay for another, which he enjoyed a lot more than his first couple. Many have suggested that the view in St Georgen is lovely but the beer not so good. Well, I have to agree with the first but not the second. No, the beer was really awful!!! Andy had a Pils which he didn't even wanted me to try, but I did and it was a tasteless mess, while my Kellerbier was the same. Walk up for the view and then go back to Lowenbraue, which we did.

Then a quick train to Hirschaid and Krause, which was as good as usual, so I drank too much, meaning a day off on Thursday. Now ready again for the fray!
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