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Czech pubs smoking ban
Posted by Jason on 2017-05-04 03:07:13
I am a non smoker but this is far from great news. This will mean a lot of closures of pubs in Prague, and I have heard this from one of the owners of Vinohradsky Pivovar a few months ago. Prague must have one of the most concentrated pub population in the world - if you don't like the smoke there is another great pub round the corner that is non smoking. Czech pubs are social hubs, probably more so than anywhere else in my experience. Even though it's touristy, going into the Zlateho Tygra is still a real isnight into the philosophy of the Czech beer drinking scene. And most regulars smoke.

I'm sure I'm going to get rap for my opinion but I'd rather a pub remains smoking and I have the option of going in than seeing it closed.
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