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no Sandkerwa this year?
Posted by Gerhard Schoolmann on 2017-05-04 02:30:06
Since the deaths of the Love Parade disaster in Duisburg in the year 2010, with lawsuits against managers of the city, all bureaucrats fear to get criminal charges after accidents. The same with the organisers. So many events in all parts of Germany have problems with higher costs for the safety (securities,.rire brigade, paramedics etc.) and with restrictions on number of visitors and stalls and the opening times.

In the year 2015 the organisers of the Sandkerwa has said it's enough and threatened to let fail the Sandkerwa. The city has decided to pay 55.000 Euro, a part of the higher costs.

After 2015 Germany have had some terroristics attacs, especially an attack against a xmas market in Berlin, followed by more regulations for all events in Germany..

Since many years there is a fight between the organisers of the Sandkerwa and the city about these questions. In some years the organisers have threatened, the festival let to fail. They know that the Sandkerwa is an important event for the Bamberg tourism marketing. And it is also very important for the feelings of solidarity of the citizens. So the city/polticans get a political problem if the Sandkerwa would fail.

Now we are in a period of a sharpened fight. We will see who win.
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