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First Franconia trip
Posted by john k on 2017-04-25 20:03:57
I'm in the early stages of planning a trip to Bavaria for my 50th birthday in the Fall.  The early plan is to spend a few days in Munich to visit breweries in the area and then travel to Bamberg and spend several days in Upper Franconia.  We'd like to venture outside of Bamberg to visit some breweries while we're there.  I've read quite a bit in this site, which is very helpful, but wonder if someone can provide me with 4-5 "can't miss" breweries?  I'll be traveling with 3-4 others - all who love beer.

My ancestors come from Grossostheim, so at some point I will likely make my way there.  Anything in that area is appreciated as well.
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         Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Nick B. on  2017-05-01 06:19:26
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                     Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Barry on  2017-05-02 06:21:07
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                     Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Nick B. on  2017-05-02 06:38:08
                                         Meh  by Barry on  2017-05-03 01:55:03
                                           Meh  by Uncle Jimbo on  2017-05-03 15:38:58
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