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First Franconia trip
Posted by Mark Andersen on 2017-04-27 20:17:35
The one time I had a real good beer in the Brauereigastatte was when around the time the Braunbier first came out. I thought it was outstanding.  Since then I've not been impressed with the beer there or at the keller and at the keller one of the few times I've poured a beer out.onto the ground.   But the Rossdorfer beer at the Am Galerie pub in Bamberg both times very nice.  I admit I find this strange.  Almost suggests the beer itself is good but mishandled along the way at places you'd expect it to be at its best.
                           First Franconia trip by Nick B. on  2017-04-28 00:22:04
                             First Franconia trip by Mark Andersen on  2017-04-28 03:35:47
                               First Franconia trip by Mark Andersen on  2017-04-28 03:41:37
                                 First Franconia trip by Nick B. on  2017-04-28 06:25:23
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