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First Franconia trip
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-28 00:11:35
What's happened at the Griess Keller? Of course, 3 years or so, they changed over from gravity barrel / bayerisch Anstich Bauchfass to a tankovna-style tank, but more recently? I believe I made it to the Keller exactly once last year, a new record low for me.

Awful at the Keller was when I would get a Seidla or Mass from a barrel that was obviously left over from the previous day. I did tend to arrive early though, often being the first person there.

You could ask about the DISPENSE METHOD at Sauer, it would be interesting to know how he does it, because I agree, it's perfectly fine there.

And would you be game to try to meet Barry & me when I collect him at NUE Friday late afternoon? I plan to drive him to ER Hbf, from where he can more easily get to Ebern. My plan was to drive him all the way to Ebern, but with the construction on the A73 north of Erlangen, I'm afraid the traffic on a Friday rush hour would make the trip twice as long as the train would be.

You could make sure Bas gets the right connecting train at Bamberg, doesn't get distracted by nearby breweries.
                             First Franconia trip by Barry on  2017-04-28 01:09:06
                               First Franconia trip by Barry on  2017-04-28 01:11:05
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