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First Franconia trip
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-27 09:20:12
Sorry about your battle fatigue, Jason!  I think that we've probably extracted everything out of the discussion now but it has been very interesting and informative.  Now your turn to suggest another hot topic!

Re Sauer: stretching my memory, I think that the first time J & self went to Sauer, they were serving from a cask of Kellerbier, which was ok to good.  Juergen asked me whether I liked the Braunbier some time later and it struck me that we hadn't actually had it, which is why we went back the next year - it was scrumptious!  It was also probably the Kellerbier that Ihat we drank at the Keller and it was everything that others have described - but the food was nice and the owners very friendly!

That was not a good little trip - on that occasion, we were warned off for eating our own sandwiches in the Griesskeller (even though they hadn't opened to serve food!), we had to wait for the clock to strike 'I don't remember what time' for the chap to serve us a beer (and it was awful!) and we weren't too impressed with either the beer or the hospitality at Griess!  To cap it all, Krug were on an unscheduled Urlaub!
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