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Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel
Posted by Barry on 2017-05-02 06:21:07
That's very interesting, Gerhard, thank you.  I remember now that the 'Schlotfergla' was hanging from one of the buildings.

It must be at least five years since my visit to Weyermann (would need to do a bit of research to check up but since 2010 anyway) but I was really lucky because Don and Cherie were staying in the same place as us in Hallstadt and I snuck (appropriate as this is a north american past tense) in with this tour organised for Don's brewer friends.  It was really interesting and we ended up in the little experimental brewery and tasted a lot of beer, including a untergarig IPA, if I remember correctly.  I think that this was before Weyermann started releasing beers to the general public (via Abseits at first, I believe) and certainly before they launched their Gaestezentrum (is Grigor still there?).

Opposite to Nick, so familiar with bus 265, I can see virtually ever metre of its route from Forchheim to Stiebarlimbach in my mind! It was the start of so many great afternoons and J really like Roppelt.  In fact, I think that it was her favourite Keller.  Will hope to give it a go by bike: take train to Eggolsheim and then via Schlammersdorf and Hallerndorf.  Maybe try to ride up the Kreuzberg but is it possible to get the bike down to Roppelts?  Or just leave it there and walk down through the woods?
                       Bus 265...New Roppelt Dunkel by Nick B. on  2017-05-02 06:30:06
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