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First Franconia trip - Oct/Nov is Bockbierzeit
Posted by Uncle Jimbo on 2017-04-29 07:57:14
I also wanted to mention that if your trip is in October or November, it will be "Bockbier Time" in Franconia.   All of the breweries in Bamberg will make a Bock Beer, and most will have a special Bockbieranstich day for the first tappping, usually followed by a huge party.  

This is a great time to visit Franconia if you like the stronger beers.  

There are some calendars on the internet to keep track of the Bockbieranstich dates:

This page shows the dates for Fall 2016.  Most breweries hold their annual Bockbieranstich approximately the same day or weekend every year, so looking at last year's dates will give you a good idea of the dates for this year.;art212,2215519

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