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Posted by Gordon on 2017-04-21 09:12:09
Short notice for anyone in the area who might be interested:  Just read that there will be a beer fest tomorrow (22 Apr) in Ebern.  It will be held from 1400 to 2000 with a number of really good breweries:  Raab, Hofheim; Göller, Zeil; Bayer, Theinheim; Roppelt, Trossenfurt; Hartlieb, Maroldsweisach, and Schlossbrauerei Zeitlos, Oberschwappach.  I have no clue about the last one.  A search produces only the Schlossrestaurant, which has no info about any brewery.  Also present will be two "Kommunbrauer," one from Brünn and the other from Buch (Theres).  Sounds good to me.  It would be nice if the weather were a bit better.

On 6 May, Memmelsdorf will hold their first "Bierkulturfest."  This will include the two breweries from the village, Drei Kronen and Höhn; Göller, Drosendorf; Hönig, Tiefenellern; the two Merkendorf breweries, Hummel and Wagner, Knoblach, Schammelsdorf, and Sauer, Rossdorf am Forst.  It will run from 1400 to 2230.

On 28 May, Schesslitz has its every-two-year "Biergenuss."  They close off the main street, build an entry gate out of beer crates at either end (there is a small entry charge; 2 euro, as I remember) and have the usual music, food and beer.  Due to various brewery closures over the years, it offers a smaller selection of beers.  Last time it was Drei Kronen and Schmitt Bräu from the town (Schmitt has their beer brewered elsewhere, I believe); Hartmann, Würgau, and Hoh, Köttensdorf.  It runs from 1100 to 2300.

Finally, I guess I should mention the Tages des Bieres in the Maxplatz on Sunday, 23 April, for which I have seen no publicity.  For those interested, it will be held from 1100 to 1730.  Since it is on a Sunday for a change, it should attract a fair number of people. 
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