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Das heilige Bauchfass
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-20 00:12:18
I've been thinking about our love for bayerisch(en) Anstich recently. If a batch of beer has been lagered for a month or 6 weeks in a stainless tank and then filled into a barrel and tapped sometime soon thereafter, how much, in reality, will the resulting Seidla or Maß be to one poured from a keg that was filled at the same time as the barrel?

Holding the filling of both vessels constant (i.e. no extra CO2 added to the keg), and assuming only minimal use of CO2 to drive the beer out of the keg, how much difference will there really be? Obviously, after a day or so of being drunk, the beer in the bayerisch Anstich Bauchfass barrel will go off, whereas the beer in the keg will...gain a bit of CO2?

The beer down at that fest in Hallerndorf in September was all keg. I forget now...what was our verdict on Roppelt's and Witzgall, which we'd never experienced on keg before?

My musings come from thinking about the difference between British cask-conditioned real ale and keg being substantial, as the beer is actually conditioned in the cask (or should be, in the ideal case, where the brewer isn't "cheating"). Bier vom Bauchfass & bayerischen Anstich, OTOH, is conditioned and lagered in a tank. A lot more happens in the cask than in the Bauchfass.

I'm with you on not seeing a big difference between the new dystopian Mahr's U and the old, but then I drink very little of it. My impression is that Mahr's is doing  a really good job of keg dispense. (Or is it Roppelt-style 1000L keykeg tank? I forget again.) The recipe...if the brewery says they ain't changed it, who am I to question the locals?
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