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Das heilige Bauchfass
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-20 03:41:28
Interesting.  The absorbed CO2 becomes carbonic acid, I believe.  I'm sure that you are right about the rate of consumption of the kegged beers in small villages, which is why I tend to drink only the non-kegged Landbiers etc., where available.  Though I have to say that the likes of Witzgall, Hummel and Wagner do a pretty decent job in regulating the quantity of CO2 used.  

In a way, apart from any philosophical questions about the use of CO2, your attitude to this seems to depends largely on where you come from.  British drinkers, who probably tend to be real ale enthusiasts like myself, often find it takes some time (if ever!) to get used to drinking CO" propelled lagers.  However, our American friends, who are largely brought up on kegged beers, don't really find them a problem, a difference that's been noted many times on this Forum.

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