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Mahrs Kegs
Posted by Nick B. on 2017-04-26 01:46:35
And as I've said time and again on this board, I always found it to be variable in terms of condition (happens more often with Bauchfass vom bayerischen Anstich than keg) but always too bland in the past. The blandness doesn't bother me as much any more, I think, as I seem to also be more ammenable to other beers that I used to always dismiss, like Tucher Pils, of which I managed to choke down two in a row yesterday. Well, two 40 cl glasses, anyway.

The beer used to vary a fair bit, as happens with small breweries like these who are brewing as much as they can. Roppelt varies a lot, FWIW. Maybe Jason and Barry used to be consistently luckier than I was in finding it in pleasing condition, whereas I would find it off more often.
                               Mahrs Kegs by Barry on  2017-04-26 04:16:26
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