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Posted by Barry on 2017-04-26 04:16:26
Dunno whether we were lucky or whether it was just to our taste.  As you might expect, our (me and J) visits used to be a couple of visits in one holiday, then a year's wait.  Maybe Jason and myself have similar tastes, I don't know.  Jason and myself have had a good few beers together in the last few years (specially since his big move) and I think that we have generally agreed on what's good and what's not, but just a s any two reasonably knowledgable and experienced beer drinkers might.  We do come from very different generations and backgrounds, though sharing a common liking for real ales, as with many others (British or otherwise) on this Forum.

I've said before that my first taste of U took me right back to some almost forgotten experince of decades ago, when drinking those yeasty Bass beers, in the days when they brewed really excellent beer in Burton. This is an experience that I don't think Jason could have enjoyed (age difference!).  Bland, no, hoppy, not particularly - I don't know what kind of hops were used by Bass but the beers were not bitter in the sense that so many modern beers are, especially when brewed using American or New Zealand, or some other exotic hops.

Just a question of taste, I suppose, and I think we'll all drink to that!
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