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Mahr's to Brew in London?
Posted by Barry on 2017-04-19 02:02:49
Actually, I can't see any good reason why a traditional brewer should want to expand internationally.  What is the purpose of such expansion?  It doesn't seem like some deep exploration into the nature of brewing or tradition; let's face it, brewing is a pretty simple process, modern chemistry can explain explain most of the concepts that were hidden from medieval eyes and gave rise to brewing legend.  If Herr Michel is simply interested in experimenting with different techniques, unlike the rest of us who work in our kitchens and outhouses, he has a complete brewery to play with!  Are he and his colleagues likely to discover some Holy Grail of brewing so far unknown to humanity?  Seems unlikely, given the way that he dumbed down his brewery's minor masterpiece (ok, the latter description questioned by some!).

The only conclusion is, like all his other actions (including the above), he is attempting to maximise his earnings.  Now, you either agree or disagree with such an activity (I'm not going to preach politics here!) but let's not let him pull the wool over our eyes, as was attempted by the ridiculous claim of Mahrs being 'the best brewery in the world' (what the hell is the 'Men's Journal' anyway?) and all the guff about the Reinheitsgebot, tradition and craftsmanship on their website.

Now, to wax a bit metaphysical!  I think that for all of us who subscribe to this Forum, and who visit Franken from afar, it was the discovery of the charms of the little breweries deep in the heart of a modern country that so entranced us, even those of us who come from countries with centuries of their own brewing tradition.  It was the personal discovery of a hidden gem whose practices strove to emulate those of preceeding generations - in my mind, a true craft tradition, not one manufactured solely for profit.  This is why we mourn at the loss of yet another rural brewery, lost to either neglect, shifting population, change of popular taste or simply swallowed by some faceless international conglomerate.  And, if is a loss to us, how much more of a loss to indigenous supporters? 

This the reason why I love the Zoigl tradition in the Oberpfalz and try to help those who work to preserve at least a little of its integrity in the 'Echte Zoigl' movement.

I suppose that, when I made my own personal discovery of Mahrs, and the lovely 'U', its transformation was under way, dating from I know not when.  But vestiges of it still survived in the 4.30 broaching of a cask of 'U' and the charm of sitting in that beautiful entrance room (being abused by waitresses!), before being swept away by a tide of corporate diners - much to the disgust of locals!  But, such experiences will not return in Wunderburg.  However, we are lucky to be able to experience wonderful afternoons and evenings in the heart of rural Franken (and even in the city of Forchheim) and I fervently hope that they will continue for all our sakes and those who follow us.

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